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• The first step is to contact us. If you have artwork, or parts of your artwork, you can get it to us a few ways. Email it to us, use the Upload Artwork button in the contact section, or bring it to our shop. You can also use the Apparel Catalog to submit an order or Inquire about garments and upload your artwork there. If you dont have artwork, use any of the mentioned contact methods above to give us your idea and we can create it for you. Once we have your artwork or ideas, we can give you a quote for your order. We can quote your order without seeing the art, but it's best to provide us with your art or ideas to ensure the quote is accurate. Sometimes it may take more colors than expected to produce your design, and sometimes it may require fewer colors.

      Art Approval

• Once artwork is completed you will be emailed an online "proof". This proof needs to be approved by the customer via email, and a 50% deposit must be paid before we can schedule production. Our 7-10 day production period starts after art approval since part of the artwork process is dependant on when the customer approves the art, which we have no control over.

• After art is approved, and deposit is paid, we put your order into our production schedule. Once your order is complete and ready for pick-up or shipping, we will inform you by phone or email. Balance is now due. Orders must be paid in full before being shipped or picked-up.

If you have questions that were not answered here, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section.
You can contact us by phone, email, or use the Apparel Catalog to send us information. Click Contact on the top menu bar. There is also a simple contact form there as well.
There are NO Additional Screen or Setup Charges.​​
What can you expect to be charged for?

​​​• Art Charge
• Decorated Apparel Charge
• Shipping Charge
• Art Charge
​​Our Art charge includes all work and materials needed to produce the film positives used to make the screens. We inform our customers of the expected final art charge, and any possible price variations, prior to starting work on their order. We are usually accurate with the expected final art charge, and in most cases even if we spend a little more time than expected on the artwork, we generally only charge the originally discussed price, unless there is extensive extra work involved beyond what was originally discussed.  If you are providing artwork, it's probably not ready to separate to film positives. Once we view your art, we will inform you of the time and charges to get it to this point. Check out the Portfolio section to view designs and the costs to produce those designs.
​​• Decorated Apparel Charge
This charge includes the garment and decoration costs. There are NO additional set-up fees or screen charges. The initial quote will include every decoration charge associated with your order, unless any special printing processes  were not discussed prior to receiving a quote from us. These may include but are not limited to, team numbers or names, additional ink colors, additional print locations, needing 2 different print sizes for youth and adult shirts to name a few. See Additional Charges for rates on specialty inks and services. Please note: Printing on dark garments will require an extra white "base" color, even if the print is only 1 color white ink. This is to ensure the printed color is bright. Use any of the forms below to get pricing.
Apparel Catalog
Quick Quote Calculator
​​• Shipping Charges
Shipping charges are based on destination, shipping method (Ground, Overnight, Air) and weight. We generally ship orders UPS ground as it tends to be the most economical. As an example, shipping orders over 36 pieces usually cost between .25-.40 cents per garment for basic cotton t-shirts. All orders ship from the zip code 97124. Local orders can be picked-up from our place of business. We try to estimate shipping charges from the beginning, but we will not know final shipping charges until your order is complete.
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You can use the Apparel Catalog to view garments and add them to the quote request to inquire about decorating those products. After choosing products and/or designing you can submit the quote request and we will contact you with a quote to decorate the selected garments.
Apparel Catalog
Upload Artwork
If you just need to send us artwork only, use the Upload Artwork button.
If you need instant pricing, use our Quick Quote Calculator for instant pricing on 8 of our most popular screen printed products. The Quick Quote Calculator cannot give pricing on multiple items or special printing processes. Please note: Printing on dark garments will require an extra white "base" color, even if the print is only 1 color white ink. This is to ensure the printed colors are bright. If printing on dark garments enter 1 additional color per location on the Quick Quote Calculator to ensure accurate pricing.
Quick Quote Calculator
 Mount Graphic Design was started in 1995 as a home based business (a.k.a. hobby) in my garage with very little business experience and tons of ambition.

Mount Graphics

I didn't even have a printing press at the beginning. I would manually line up each color screen by hand for each shirt printed.
No conveyer dryer either, a food warming light taped to a stick was how I cured the ink on the shirts. (no kidding)
 I initially did not have a computer to do my artwork. Everything was hand drawn on paper and taken to the local offset printer to shoot film positives, used to make the screen.
The first few years were a struggle. a few times, I had given up my dream of having my own shop. Seeing my struggle, my father decided to buy me my first screen printing press. I could now complete jobs 25 times faster than without a press. Since  getting that press, i have never lost sight of my dream.
I finally got a used computer, and it was a dinosaur. my first graphics software was purchased at the local swap meet. having spent so much on the computer, i couldn't afford a film printer, so i would print my separations on paper and take them to the local printer to have them shoot the film positives used to make the screens.
By 2003 i had all the equipment i wanted (Manual Press, conveyor dryer, computer and film printer). It was getting hard to work in the small garage and i thought it was time to make the leap into an industrial building. So i did. It was a big leap. Not only was i getting an industrial location but I had also purchased an automatic screen printing press. I was the first screen printer in my area to have an automatic press, and the only one to have one for a few years to come.
Through the years Mount Graphic Design has grown in size, and in knowledge of the industry. Some of my first work was less than perfect. But now with over 30 years of experience in the screen printing industry, and lots of hard work, Mount Graphic Design is now exceeding the quality our customers demand. Visit the portfolio page to view some of my work. We now produce our artwork in-house, our film in-house and our screens in-house. We have also upgraded our food warming light to an actual conveyor dryer. We have a manual press for the smaller jobs, as well as an Automatic for the larger jobs.